Invitation (2019)

Genre: Adult, Drama
Quality: Year: View: 157 views
16 votes, average 5.1 out of 10

Invitation 202 ~ “I just want to know the truth” My brother ‘Han Jang Seo’ and my brother ‘Han Chung Seo’. The brother loved the charming woman ‘Jang Hyun’ at the same time, but she left the two brothers coldly.

Han Jang-Seo, who has remained alone and survived the pain of betrayal. One day, the voice of ‘Jang-Jun’ heard over the handset starts to shake again … The scars brought by their precarious love, taboo love. The truth of the day buried in memory. ‘Han Jang Seo’, ‘Han Chung Seo’, and ‘Jang Hyun Soo’ begin with a breathtaking love story.


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