Young Mother (2013)

Genre: Adult, Drama
Quality: Year: View: 130 views
18 votes, average 6.3 out of 10

Young Mother 2013 ~ I will repay the mother-in-law’s love, my mother-in-law! Passionate melodies of natural-looking passionate men …

In the age of nineteen fiery lust, Jae-jin, a trainee, recalls a beautiful English tutor and enjoys her own erotic imagination. One day, the two of them find a naked moment for her and become awkward. But did the crisis say it was an opportunity? She begins to teach Jin-gu not sex in English, and the uncontrollable romance of the two youth begins. But on the excuse of marriage, she quits tutoring and this love ends.

After some time, Jin-gu became an adult. Now I am used to affectionate sex. However, a lover who was only physically loved becomes pregnant and turns blue. Unpleasant marriage and first meeting with a mother-in-law. By the way … It is so beautiful and sexy. Jin-gu becomes a son-in-law and lives in the same house as his mother-in-law, but the marriage and marriage are eventually destroyed due to the immorality and fleeing of his immature wife. A mother-in-law who is sorry for the betrayal of her daughter. Jin-gu’s suggestion is to start a strange and dangerous cohabitation with a child and a mother-in-law.


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